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Howdy! My name is Cameron Smith (feat. my fiancé Elizabeth in the picture <3) and I am a Senior Communication major at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. I am taking COMM 410, Radio Records and Pop Culture, and have been asked to create a blog about something that interests me. My blog is about the multi-talented artist known as Mac Miller. This blog is a two part series for my COMM 410 Mid Term and Final Project covering the life, career, and legacy of Mac Miller. 

Favorite Mac Miller Mixtape


My favorite Mac Miller mixtape is Faces. This mixtape really got me through high school and is something that I still listen to today. I believe that this is Mac Miller's best mixtape, but also his most troubling one. This mixtape really amplifies Mac's struggle with depression and addiction, while also exploring Mac's questions with his own mortality. Both producing and rapping on this mixtape, Mac brings fans on a journey into his own psyche with his lyrics and overall mixtape theme of psychedelic/jazz rap.  

Favorite Mac Miller Album


My favorite Mac Miller album is Swimming. I would say that for me, this is Mac's most complete album and a true work of art. This album shows Mac's true growth and evolution as a musician, mixing in Hip Hop & Rap with jazz. This album shows Mac's struggle with his inner demons and it makes him even more relatable, something that his albums & mixtapes did for me later on in his career. Due to the fact that he passed shortly after this album's release, this album is very impactful and makes this album more significant. While he was alive for a little over a month after its release, Mac never truly got to see his best work realized, as this album was nominated for a Grammy at the 61st Grammy Awards. This album shows the full arsenal that Mac had as a musician. He was more than a rapper, he was an artist adding me paintings to his collection as he evolved.

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